We do some much more than tech support!

The year is 2002 and our founder Robert Collins is searching for technology service providers to support physicians in the local community.  At the time, Robert was the Chief Information Officer of the hospital and did not have the resources to provide technology support for both the hospital and physicians.   His solution was to find local resources to augment his internal technology team.  There were a lot of companies offering network, server, personal computer, and telecom “break/fix” support.  However, none of the companies had the capability to provide support to physicians and their staff on how to best leverage technology to improve patient communication, safety, operational efficiency, or cash flow.   The support companies were simply “wrench-turners”, fixing problems when they occurred, rather than working with the practices to develop technology strategies that were the least disruptive to their workflow.

NEOS was born July 2003 to provide daily support of every facet of technology and to help clients transform their businesses by not just using technology, but leveraging technology.  Robert created a team of technical and professional  resources focused on moving clients to total tech maximization. Professionals with specific knowledge and experience in business, healthcare, and government teamed with engineers and analyst to provide outstanding information technology support and consulting that can be leveraged by any business.

 NEOS’ initial focus was healthcare and small to mid-sized business.  The local government center of excellence was added in 2007.   K-12 education was added in 2015.  We continue to move forward.



Help Organizations, their teams and clients leverage technology in their daily routines to achieve extraordinary success while improving our families and communities.


Make leveraging technology simple, seamless, and successful for everyone.

Core Values

We love our culture.  It is what drives our company.

      • We build a positive team and family spirit.
      • We focus on the client and all else will follow.
      • We embrace and drive change.
      • We create fun.
      • We are adventurous, creative, and open-mined.
      • We pursue growth and learning.
      • We build open and honest relationships through communication.
      • We do more with less.
      • We are passionate and determined.
      • We are humble.
the Neos team makes things happen, because we

Think about people…

People are Amazing! Their contributions are the life force of any Organization. NEOS develops people for success. 

Enable Organizations…

Organizations are created to execute their mission, not masters of technology.  NEOS team members are masters of technology!

Make IT part of your strategy…

NEOS partners with you to develop a road map integrating strategy and technology to successfully achieve your vision.

Make technology simple, seamless, and successful…

Technology is a remarkable tool making things happen! NEOS keeps your tools sharp, always-on, and ready to perform.

Give IT departments a boost…

NEOS helps existing IT resources enjoy life more by providing resources, helpdesk, project management, and IT skills development. IT people rock!

Protect your information…

Secure your information! NEOS assists clients identify risks, implement policies and technical solutions, and provides security awareness training.

Share knowledge…

Knowledge is powerful stuff and we believe everyone should have access to it. NEOS is passionate about sharing our knowledge with others.

Develop young minds…

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math [STEM] is incredible! From robotics to NEOS' technology apprenticeship we are a part of developing young minds.

Create positive change …

NEOS loves our communities. We partner with community organizations and leaders to create positive change for the future generations.