Loretta DeVane
Corporate Services Manager

Loretta is a native of Albany, coming to NEOS Technologies after more than eight years in the banking industry where she worked in various departments, including bookkeeping, teller, and assistant to the vice-president, positions that brought her into daily interaction with customers. She holds associate and bachelor’s degrees in science with a concentration in human resources. Loretta attends First Baptist Church of Sylvester and volunteers with Meals on Wheels and Lee County Teen Maze. Loretta has been the Manager of Corporate Services, including HR, AP and AR since 2007.

To Loretta, committed business relationships are vital. She emphasizes, “Client service is the foundation of every business and a true indicator of success. It is more than just reciting script and solving a problem. It is developing a relationship, making individuals feel valued, listening to your clients and understanding the real problem before implementing a solution. It is about helping them find what they need or want, even if it is out of the scope of your business. It is about making a commitment, following through on time, every time, and being held accountable. Client relationships are based on trust and respect.”